MAXXI Museum, Rome

The fourth installment of NetWebArt / Net Archives: Art and Virtual Identities
curated by Eleonora De Filippis and Elena Giulia Rossi
opens on the 23rd of February.

Invited artists are:

-1.Juliet Davis, Pieces of Herself, 2004

-2. Reynald Drouhin, Des Fleurs, 2003

-3. Cristopher Joseph, Inanimate Alice, 2005

-4.Glenn Ligon, Annotations, , a project commissioned by Dia Art
Foundation for its series of artists’ web projects ,2003

-5. C.J.Yeh, My Data My Mondrian, 2004

-6. Carlo Zanni, 4 Untitled Portraits, Net Art Commission of, 2003-2004