Images mises au net in mcd 51

Musiques & Cultures digitales, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, p. 18-19.

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  1. luca fazzo

    Hello, I am an italian journalist.
    I am writing a story about the new attitude of a lot of people to show themselves undressed on the web, inside portfolios, happenings and so.
    I just wish to ask to mr Drouhin, regarding to his project , his opinion about the reasons he found in non-professional models in accepting to be portrayed and pusblished, and which kind of difficulties did he met in his project.
    I thank thank you for your attention.
    Best regards
    Luca Fazzo
    Il Giornale

  2. Hello
    I’m not the photographer, I have just use the Akira Gomi’s database.
    I think the confusion comes from the control you have on the handling/manipulation…
    read this: